The Stress Game


When in doubt – don’t stress it out! I know I am not alone with the stress game. It seems like you are the only one feeling life’s little & big pressures – it takes on a life of its own if you don’t get it under control and causes friction between yourself & those around you.


• When in doubt – talk it OUT! Don’t bottle that shit up it just overflows like a stress volcano erupting toxic garbage all over anyone that happens to be standing by – even if it was a small slight like forgetting to put the peanut butter away.

• Consider the fact that everyone else has problems too – but don’t assume they know you do too! Even though it seems like the universe should just somehow magically convey the message to those around you so they, I don’t know, act like they care – the job is yours to reach out & connect so they can be given the opportunity to care & possibly help. Sometimes things seem bigger, scarier & much worse in your head than they do when you unload those demons – suddenly they are little annoyances that can be taken care of.

• Chillax!! Stressing about stuff isn’t going to solve the problem. If it helps, take out a pen and paper & just brain dump all that stress out in writing. Then, turn the page & write down solutions & things you are grateful for (That sunshine sure is amazing today, love the fact I’m alive & have a great family) etc.

• WORKOUT! Yes! Endorphin’s are the power rangers that kick stresses ass. When you werk it & break a sweat you are also busting out some feel good brain mojo that helps relax your mind, body & can clear your head so you can – I know you know this but duh – think with more clarity & problem solve.

Ta da! Simple little stress hacks. What do you do to relieve stress (PG rated please)


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