No BS allowed!

PSA: Pardon the language (You were warned) But I don’t think anyone should put up with bullshit. Negative, backstabbing, down talking, sabotaging, happiness stealing, joy murdering, lying – you get the picture – Bullshit. You are an AWESOME person who came into this world perfectly flawed but incredible and capable of doing amazing things. You were burdened in life by other people’s self limited doubts, fears & skepticism (BS) and downsized yourself to their level because as kids we are monkey see, monkey do.

As an adult you have 2 choices: Follow that same BS path to assmonkery lamedom or shake off those doubts & carve your own path. I chose #2. As soon as you consciously make the decision to leave the BS behind amazing things happen –

1st, you open up to new possibilities even if they are TERRIFYING you know that this is better than being shackled to a life & job that makes you unhappy.

2nd, people who know you (or your former assmonkey self) will divide – one side will cheer for you & support you while the others make snarky, snide and defeating comments. That is because they are too scared to leave the comfort of their assmonkey shadows and will justify it by clawing at you to hold you back – because they can’t be wrong! But this is OK, you will see in time that they hold you down from your greatness out of fear of their own greatness!

3rd, when you open yourself up to the bright shiny possibility that there is a dream career that leads you to your dream life – the right people are drawn to you like a magnet! Slowly at first but it gains momentum. Before you know it you have a WHOLE TRIBE of these awesome & motivating people around you that have the same goals – and you don’t have to prove yourself to them because they already know – you are a FRICKEN ROCKSTAR! It continues to be uncomfortable but that’s ok because growth is change & change is so powerful that you should expect those growing pains. If it leads you down the path you want to be on within time it won’t be uncomfortable – it will be like when you were a kid waking up on Christmas morning (or whatever exciting morning that drove you into your slippers at 4 am to race out of bed).

My point is: BS is as BS does. People full of BS will never change their ways unless they WANT TO! You can’t FIX EM CHANGE EM OR HELP THEM if they don’t see the problem. Also, if people are going to believe bad things about you – it’s their problem. You don’t have to dumb yourself down to their level to prove that you are one of them because I have news for you- YOU AREN’T! And that is ok. If they are ok with believing rumors they are full of rumors and you don’t have time for that! Reinvest your time into loyal, honest, uplifting people like yourself. Don’t expend energy on the ones who don’t matter, just shine brighter than ever before – because they will fade away & you will be better for it. You were born a star – we all were. So shine bright & blind the haters out of your sight! That’s what my tribe is all about – LOVE, JOY, SUPPORT, HONESTY, BUILDING EACH OTHER UP & HELPING OTHERS. Because that is what gives our lives meaning, purpose and happiness! #byebyebs #hellogreatness #yesyoucan #success #happiness #joy


Listen to your body – even if your brain says PUSH THROUGH IT!

So last week I started this incredible new program and was kicking ass at it. LITERALLY! I love it! But over the weekend I came down sick. And as much as I wanted to keep pushing forward I knew it was best to rest.

As a fit pro & a fitness coach I hear it all the time! I am sick/exhausted/injured – but I will just push through it! Mind over matter right? WRONG! Yes, to an extent there are the slight issues that we can push past & complete our workouts. But there’s the other side – being TOO tired and TOO sick.

So what’s the big deal if I just ignore the fact I have the flu or severe sleep deprivation for example:

Well, first of all when you finally feel sick that means your body has already been fighting this for some time – we are talking days to a week or more. By the time you have symptoms that illness is in FULL swing and about to take you down. You think, well I will help things along by pushing harder at the gym, in class (Zumba etc) or with my home workout (P90X3 for example). But the truth is you are just working against yourself. Your immune system is on full attack mode – that means a lot of things. That pain you feel is your immune system attacking your body – sounds freaky right? But the truth is whatever it is making you sick has invaded your body’s cells and those cells send out a distress signal that says HELP I’m infected so please kill me before it spreads! That’s the not so technical way of explaining it.

Second of all when you are exhausted your brain is not fully functioning. So some of those signals that are required for movement get lost or not sent. That means big trouble for your form. When your form falters you are at risk for a major injury! a day off to rest (or even 2 or 3) is much better than 2 or 3 weeks because you pushed too hard, got sicker or hurt!

When your body is telling you to back it off a few days you must listen. I do. Last time I didn’t I got a lot sicker for a lot longer. We are talking pneumonia and longer lasting flu that made me feel like death warmed over. Even though it feels like a setback it is temporary. Imagine a 3 week setback if you don’t rest for 3 days. Take care of your body, even when you are telling yourself to push through an illness, you really could be setting yourself back even further.

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The Stress Game


When in doubt – don’t stress it out! I know I am not alone with the stress game. It seems like you are the only one feeling life’s little & big pressures – it takes on a life of its own if you don’t get it under control and causes friction between yourself & those around you.


• When in doubt – talk it OUT! Don’t bottle that shit up it just overflows like a stress volcano erupting toxic garbage all over anyone that happens to be standing by – even if it was a small slight like forgetting to put the peanut butter away.

• Consider the fact that everyone else has problems too – but don’t assume they know you do too! Even though it seems like the universe should just somehow magically convey the message to those around you so they, I don’t know, act like they care – the job is yours to reach out & connect so they can be given the opportunity to care & possibly help. Sometimes things seem bigger, scarier & much worse in your head than they do when you unload those demons – suddenly they are little annoyances that can be taken care of.

• Chillax!! Stressing about stuff isn’t going to solve the problem. If it helps, take out a pen and paper & just brain dump all that stress out in writing. Then, turn the page & write down solutions & things you are grateful for (That sunshine sure is amazing today, love the fact I’m alive & have a great family) etc.

• WORKOUT! Yes! Endorphin’s are the power rangers that kick stresses ass. When you werk it & break a sweat you are also busting out some feel good brain mojo that helps relax your mind, body & can clear your head so you can – I know you know this but duh – think with more clarity & problem solve.

Ta da! Simple little stress hacks. What do you do to relieve stress (PG rated please)