Real Food, Clean eating and Clean fuel


YES! This right here is RIGHT ON and the truth. People ask me why I choose to eat clean. It’s simple. Because I honor my body and listen to its needs. I choose to nourish my cells with real whole foods, wholesome products and naturally sourced supplementation that is required. There is a lot of misconception about what Clean Eating really is because there is a lot of mis-truth out there about what real food is.


Real food isn’t pumped full of toxins, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or worse. Real food isn’t created in a lab experiment gone wrong. Real food isn’t artificial. And real food isn’t stripped of every single vitamin, mineral, nutrient and wholesome factor only to have artificial and chemically derived ones forced back into it. It doesn’t come from a drive through (at least not around here). It doesn’t show up at your door in 30 minutes or less. It doesn’t sit on a shelf in the middle of a store with an expiration date a few years away. And it doesn’t have a long list of unpronounceable ingredients. Real food isn’t bathed in chemicals to “wash” it. Real food isn’t pumped out through an extruder (Pink slime, eww). Real food isn’t grown by big companies like Monsanto, Dow, Tyson, Kraft…to name a few. Chances are, real food isn’t famous with TV commercials either. And real food isn’t a gut bomb that leaves you hungry, bloated, exhausted and sick.

Real food is grown in the ground or hand raised on farms of open pastures. It is grown by farmers. It is fertilized with natural products. It is harvested without the use of deadly chemicals (Round-up in your wheaties?). It is pure, unadulterated and whole as much as possible. It is perishable. It is treated humanely. Real food will continue to bud & sprout if you leave it on your counter top too long (in the instance of sweet potatoes it will grow luscious leaves). Real food is minimally processed and contains ingredients you can pronounce for the most part (I mean, who really pronounces Açaí correctly). Real food leaves you feeling fuller, nourished, fueled, healthy and strong. Real food is simple. It is what our ancestors lived on and evolution has only come so far but we cannot digest and put artificial substances to use in our bodies for repair, regeneration and renewal of cells that keeps our vitality.


Clean eating doesn’t mean simply washing your foods. It means removing processed, unhealthy food products from your diet. It also means adding fresh, minimally processed foods too. Clean eating also incorporates the removal of chemicals from foods such as produce that has been grown or treated with pesticides, processed meats such as lunch meat, non-organic poultry, beef etc due to the poor conditions the animals are raised in, the use of antibiotics, the way the meat is processed before packaging, no fast foods, no processed food, no GMO’s & no food products with more than 6 ingredients on the label (and that you can pronounce)! (Easy tip to avoid GMO’s and pesticides: always buy organic)

Here’s some helpful guidelines to get you started:

  1. Eat fruits & vegetables, preferably organic. Locally grown is best! This helps avoid chemicals, pesticides and GMO’s (which are loaded with both!)
    2. Eat organic meats, the fresher or more locally raised the better. Buy it from the butcher if you can. If you want ground meat ask the butcher to grind it for you. This helps you avoid anything unclean getting ground up in there too. Or grind it at home yourself.
    3. Eat whole grains; foods like quinoa, brown rice, steel cut oats, and anything that hasn’t been processed or broken down into a stripped form.
    4. READ LABELS!! This is very important. Marketing is tricky & they will use flashy words to get you to purchase their products. Take a few more seconds and see if that whole grain item isn’t really white flour junk in disguise!
    5. Again, fewer ingredients the better. Best to stick to things with no more than 6 on the label!
    6. Cut out processed sugar, added sugar and juices. Let’s face it, juice is really sugar water because it was processed & stripped of all it’s fiber and anything worth having in your body.

You may be thinking that buying organic will cost too much. Here’s the truth: the more whole, clean foods you eat the less you will consume. Processed food is VERY easy to eat, in fact it’s chemically engineered to cause cravings, prevent satiety and ends up costing more in the long run because you want more & never feel full or satisfied! But a plate with 4 oz of grilled organic chicken, steamed organic vegetables and a serving of quinoa will not only fill you up it will keep you feeling full longer because it isn’t processed (pre-digested) and it is complex so the body takes longer to work on breaking it down. The bonus is the boost to your metabolism for making it work harder!


Send them to me, I LOVE hearing from you!


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