Before you BUY – Ask yourself WHY

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Before you invest your hard earned money into trainers, supplements and meal replacements ask yourself a few questions:

What are my goals?
Why are they important to me?
Are these products healthy?
What happens after I drop all that money?

Here’s my answers:

GOALS & IMPORTANCE: My goal as a fit pro & health, wellness, nutrition and fitness coach is to work with people on a whole person level. I don’t want to get you skinny, I want to get you healthy & into the best shape of your life AND keep you there. I want to find what works best for you, what you will stick with and will get you the best results. It’s a journey that we walk together. I offer ongoing coaching, accountability and support. Monthly focus groups, challenges and an ongoing community of support – all private and all included – no monthly fees for that! I offer meal plans, recipes, additional motivation for those days when the I can’t’s are getting in the way & turn it into I WILL! I help you find your WHY and guide you to answer the WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO ME? If all you want is to get skinny you won’t get healthy, and chances are you won’t be able to maintain it. That is were many other diet programs fail. This isn’t a diet program, it’s a healthy way of life training program.

They are not just a protein shake they are filled with whole foods that are minimally processed. There are NO GMO’s, no added refined sugars (or any refined sugars AT ALL), all natural sources of amino acids, proteins, antioxidants, prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes + MORE. No artificial sweeteners – so you won’t be ingesting toxins like sucralose & aspartame. No carrageenan!! No gluten, no soy, no artificial flavors, no artificial colors. And all the extra supplements are not necessary to buy because it’s all included. 5 trips to the salad bar, proper balance of protein & carbs, all the beneficial nutrients in one tasty meal? Yes please! It’s the perfect food because it has all 9 essential & nonessential amino acids for cells that are important for muscle building, repair and most diets are deficient in one ore more of these! (So are most products). Most products are LOADED with sugar, toxins, heavily processed and the labels are long with tons of chemicals you can’t even pronounce. No thank you! Plus, not only do they have negative health effects, some of them can cause you to gain weight, zap your energy and worse – make you sick!

MONEY: My programs are highly tested, proven and successful. You get what you pay for and more. When you go to the gym you pay a monthly fee but all you get is a building full of equipment with no instructions. Some have classes but when the class ends so does your interaction. You can pay hundreds of dollars for personal training but you only see them a few times & then what? You have something in writing and no more interaction, well unless you pay hundreds more. You get the picture right? Or you order supplements, go to the local retail chain and drop $300 on products and leave. What else do you get? Do they give you a fitness program, meal plans, ongoing coaching or support? Nope. They leave your bank account lighter though! I offer you ongoing training, customizable workouts, ongoing coaching, training and your workouts are yours to keep forever. I can bring a top celebrity trainer into your living room at any time of the day, just push play! It will save you LOTS of TIME, MONEY and give you results. Plus you can invite a friend over to join you for FREE. And in the off chance you don’t like it we can switch it out or refund your money – who else really does that? I understand that there could be times that it doesn’t work out & I will work together with you to get to a resolution that takes care of your needs.

WHY JOIN ME: You can lose weight if that is your goal. You can gain weight if that is your goal. You can build muscle, flexibility, strength, endurance – whatever your goals are! You can gain healthy nutrition, a network of like-minded friends to support you, ongoing support, better fitness habits plus get lots of new recipes, ideas and more. Plus you have the opportunity to help others too. This is why I love my career. It’s a passion, not a job. I am always here for you. And I am always happy to help! Plus I can relate to YOU! I have been there, I have lost 85 pounds. I have kept it OFF for over 5 years. I have battled depression, food allergies, health problems, eating disorders and overcame them all. I can really connect with you to help you unlike other trainers who have never had a weight problem or anything else.

I have another opportunity to get dialed in with a focus group starting in a few weeks. Let’s connect & get ready to go! Send me a message, add me on Facebook: & and let’s get to talking! 😀 Friends, please invite others you know would love to be on our team! Tag them, send them a message & please share my page with them! Let’s rock 2015 together for the best health, fitness & nutrition of our lives to date!!


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