Good Morning! Green Smoothie and a little about me :)

Good Morning Green Smoothie

Good Morning!! This is how I am starting my day while listening to an incredible call by someone I really admire. This is one of the recipes I will be sharing in my challenge group starting on January 5th. Plus my protein pancake recipes too!

Over the holidays I swear I ate my weight in sugar, even though I didn’t. Now I’m getting back on track and aim to lose that 5 pounds I gained so I can really kickstart my New Years fitness goals! I have learned how to do this in a healthy and positive way. I am finally in the best shape of my life at 38 & I want to be in even better shape before I turn 39 and (gasp) 40!

I spent so many years doing things wrong, not getting results and even worse hurting my mind, body & soul. I had no clue what to eat, when to eat, or the right & wrong way to exercise. I was skipping meals, overeating, getting sick and loading up on what I thought was health food only to feel empty, lethargic and still hungry for more. I was logging several hours a day at the gym and still felt like a mess. I didn’t grow up with a healthy body image, in fact it was the opposite. I was left home alone for several hours a day after school with a pantry stocked up with chips, cookies and soda. I spent many years trying to fit in with the skinny girls by starving myself on one meal a day under 1000 calories sometimes under 500. In a nutshell I’ve overexercised, underate and still didn’t get the results I craved!

I know how much it hurts to look in the mirror and not like what I saw. This isn’t the way! It’s more than getting your nutrition on track it also includes building you up and getting you on track so you stay there. You can lose the weight alone and still be unhappy, and like me, gain it all back plus some. Or you can plug into a group of people who GET IT & GET YOU! Since I have found my accountability group I have been the healthiest I have ever been in my life. That feels good to say! Maybe I’m not at my goal weight or size yet but that’s ok because I am working towards it with a healthy mindset & clear goals. I don’t practice negative self talk or shame myself anymore. Now I have people to turn to for advice when I need it and keep moving forward! That’s where having an accountability coach saved me from myself. That’s why I started my own business so I can help others take control of their nutrition, gain back their health, energy & vitality plus save the wasted money on gym memberships, diet gimmicks and fads. This is real results no matter where you are at in your journey. Let’s connect! This is my passion in life to help others gain their health & wellness regardless if it is losing weight, gaining, maintaining or switching to a clean eating lifestyle ♥ If you are like me & want to make 2015 the year your goals are realized, achieved and kept than please join me 🙂


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