No BS allowed!

PSA: Pardon the language (You were warned) But I don’t think anyone should put up with bullshit. Negative, backstabbing, down talking, sabotaging, happiness stealing, joy murdering, lying – you get the picture – Bullshit. You are an AWESOME person who came into this world perfectly flawed but incredible and capable of doing amazing things. You were burdened in life by other people’s self limited doubts, fears & skepticism (BS) and downsized yourself to their level because as kids we are monkey see, monkey do.

As an adult you have 2 choices: Follow that same BS path to assmonkery lamedom or shake off those doubts & carve your own path. I chose #2. As soon as you consciously make the decision to leave the BS behind amazing things happen –

1st, you open up to new possibilities even if they are TERRIFYING you know that this is better than being shackled to a life & job that makes you unhappy.

2nd, people who know you (or your former assmonkey self) will divide – one side will cheer for you & support you while the others make snarky, snide and defeating comments. That is because they are too scared to leave the comfort of their assmonkey shadows and will justify it by clawing at you to hold you back – because they can’t be wrong! But this is OK, you will see in time that they hold you down from your greatness out of fear of their own greatness!

3rd, when you open yourself up to the bright shiny possibility that there is a dream career that leads you to your dream life – the right people are drawn to you like a magnet! Slowly at first but it gains momentum. Before you know it you have a WHOLE TRIBE of these awesome & motivating people around you that have the same goals – and you don’t have to prove yourself to them because they already know – you are a FRICKEN ROCKSTAR! It continues to be uncomfortable but that’s ok because growth is change & change is so powerful that you should expect those growing pains. If it leads you down the path you want to be on within time it won’t be uncomfortable – it will be like when you were a kid waking up on Christmas morning (or whatever exciting morning that drove you into your slippers at 4 am to race out of bed).

My point is: BS is as BS does. People full of BS will never change their ways unless they WANT TO! You can’t FIX EM CHANGE EM OR HELP THEM if they don’t see the problem. Also, if people are going to believe bad things about you – it’s their problem. You don’t have to dumb yourself down to their level to prove that you are one of them because I have news for you- YOU AREN’T! And that is ok. If they are ok with believing rumors they are full of rumors and you don’t have time for that! Reinvest your time into loyal, honest, uplifting people like yourself. Don’t expend energy on the ones who don’t matter, just shine brighter than ever before – because they will fade away & you will be better for it. You were born a star – we all were. So shine bright & blind the haters out of your sight! That’s what my tribe is all about – LOVE, JOY, SUPPORT, HONESTY, BUILDING EACH OTHER UP & HELPING OTHERS. Because that is what gives our lives meaning, purpose and happiness! #byebyebs #hellogreatness #yesyoucan #success #happiness #joy

Listen to your body – even if your brain says PUSH THROUGH IT!

So last week I started this incredible new program and was kicking ass at it. LITERALLY! I love it! But over the weekend I came down sick. And as much as I wanted to keep pushing forward I knew it was best to rest.

As a fit pro & a fitness coach I hear it all the time! I am sick/exhausted/injured – but I will just push through it! Mind over matter right? WRONG! Yes, to an extent there are the slight issues that we can push past & complete our workouts. But there’s the other side – being TOO tired and TOO sick.

So what’s the big deal if I just ignore the fact I have the flu or severe sleep deprivation for example:

Well, first of all when you finally feel sick that means your body has already been fighting this for some time – we are talking days to a week or more. By the time you have symptoms that illness is in FULL swing and about to take you down. You think, well I will help things along by pushing harder at the gym, in class (Zumba etc) or with my home workout (P90X3 for example). But the truth is you are just working against yourself. Your immune system is on full attack mode – that means a lot of things. That pain you feel is your immune system attacking your body – sounds freaky right? But the truth is whatever it is making you sick has invaded your body’s cells and those cells send out a distress signal that says HELP I’m infected so please kill me before it spreads! That’s the not so technical way of explaining it.

Second of all when you are exhausted your brain is not fully functioning. So some of those signals that are required for movement get lost or not sent. That means big trouble for your form. When your form falters you are at risk for a major injury! a day off to rest (or even 2 or 3) is much better than 2 or 3 weeks because you pushed too hard, got sicker or hurt!

When your body is telling you to back it off a few days you must listen. I do. Last time I didn’t I got a lot sicker for a lot longer. We are talking pneumonia and longer lasting flu that made me feel like death warmed over. Even though it feels like a setback it is temporary. Imagine a 3 week setback if you don’t rest for 3 days. Take care of your body, even when you are telling yourself to push through an illness, you really could be setting yourself back even further.

Got questions? Let’s talk! Leave me a comment below or come see me on Facebook!

The Stress Game


When in doubt – don’t stress it out! I know I am not alone with the stress game. It seems like you are the only one feeling life’s little & big pressures – it takes on a life of its own if you don’t get it under control and causes friction between yourself & those around you.


• When in doubt – talk it OUT! Don’t bottle that shit up it just overflows like a stress volcano erupting toxic garbage all over anyone that happens to be standing by – even if it was a small slight like forgetting to put the peanut butter away.

• Consider the fact that everyone else has problems too – but don’t assume they know you do too! Even though it seems like the universe should just somehow magically convey the message to those around you so they, I don’t know, act like they care – the job is yours to reach out & connect so they can be given the opportunity to care & possibly help. Sometimes things seem bigger, scarier & much worse in your head than they do when you unload those demons – suddenly they are little annoyances that can be taken care of.

• Chillax!! Stressing about stuff isn’t going to solve the problem. If it helps, take out a pen and paper & just brain dump all that stress out in writing. Then, turn the page & write down solutions & things you are grateful for (That sunshine sure is amazing today, love the fact I’m alive & have a great family) etc.

• WORKOUT! Yes! Endorphin’s are the power rangers that kick stresses ass. When you werk it & break a sweat you are also busting out some feel good brain mojo that helps relax your mind, body & can clear your head so you can – I know you know this but duh – think with more clarity & problem solve.

Ta da! Simple little stress hacks. What do you do to relieve stress (PG rated please)

Real Food, Clean eating and Clean fuel


YES! This right here is RIGHT ON and the truth. People ask me why I choose to eat clean. It’s simple. Because I honor my body and listen to its needs. I choose to nourish my cells with real whole foods, wholesome products and naturally sourced supplementation that is required. There is a lot of misconception about what Clean Eating really is because there is a lot of mis-truth out there about what real food is.


Real food isn’t pumped full of toxins, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or worse. Real food isn’t created in a lab experiment gone wrong. Real food isn’t artificial. And real food isn’t stripped of every single vitamin, mineral, nutrient and wholesome factor only to have artificial and chemically derived ones forced back into it. It doesn’t come from a drive through (at least not around here). It doesn’t show up at your door in 30 minutes or less. It doesn’t sit on a shelf in the middle of a store with an expiration date a few years away. And it doesn’t have a long list of unpronounceable ingredients. Real food isn’t bathed in chemicals to “wash” it. Real food isn’t pumped out through an extruder (Pink slime, eww). Real food isn’t grown by big companies like Monsanto, Dow, Tyson, Kraft…to name a few. Chances are, real food isn’t famous with TV commercials either. And real food isn’t a gut bomb that leaves you hungry, bloated, exhausted and sick.

Real food is grown in the ground or hand raised on farms of open pastures. It is grown by farmers. It is fertilized with natural products. It is harvested without the use of deadly chemicals (Round-up in your wheaties?). It is pure, unadulterated and whole as much as possible. It is perishable. It is treated humanely. Real food will continue to bud & sprout if you leave it on your counter top too long (in the instance of sweet potatoes it will grow luscious leaves). Real food is minimally processed and contains ingredients you can pronounce for the most part (I mean, who really pronounces Açaí correctly). Real food leaves you feeling fuller, nourished, fueled, healthy and strong. Real food is simple. It is what our ancestors lived on and evolution has only come so far but we cannot digest and put artificial substances to use in our bodies for repair, regeneration and renewal of cells that keeps our vitality.


Clean eating doesn’t mean simply washing your foods. It means removing processed, unhealthy food products from your diet. It also means adding fresh, minimally processed foods too. Clean eating also incorporates the removal of chemicals from foods such as produce that has been grown or treated with pesticides, processed meats such as lunch meat, non-organic poultry, beef etc due to the poor conditions the animals are raised in, the use of antibiotics, the way the meat is processed before packaging, no fast foods, no processed food, no GMO’s & no food products with more than 6 ingredients on the label (and that you can pronounce)! (Easy tip to avoid GMO’s and pesticides: always buy organic)

Here’s some helpful guidelines to get you started:

  1. Eat fruits & vegetables, preferably organic. Locally grown is best! This helps avoid chemicals, pesticides and GMO’s (which are loaded with both!)
    2. Eat organic meats, the fresher or more locally raised the better. Buy it from the butcher if you can. If you want ground meat ask the butcher to grind it for you. This helps you avoid anything unclean getting ground up in there too. Or grind it at home yourself.
    3. Eat whole grains; foods like quinoa, brown rice, steel cut oats, and anything that hasn’t been processed or broken down into a stripped form.
    4. READ LABELS!! This is very important. Marketing is tricky & they will use flashy words to get you to purchase their products. Take a few more seconds and see if that whole grain item isn’t really white flour junk in disguise!
    5. Again, fewer ingredients the better. Best to stick to things with no more than 6 on the label!
    6. Cut out processed sugar, added sugar and juices. Let’s face it, juice is really sugar water because it was processed & stripped of all it’s fiber and anything worth having in your body.

You may be thinking that buying organic will cost too much. Here’s the truth: the more whole, clean foods you eat the less you will consume. Processed food is VERY easy to eat, in fact it’s chemically engineered to cause cravings, prevent satiety and ends up costing more in the long run because you want more & never feel full or satisfied! But a plate with 4 oz of grilled organic chicken, steamed organic vegetables and a serving of quinoa will not only fill you up it will keep you feeling full longer because it isn’t processed (pre-digested) and it is complex so the body takes longer to work on breaking it down. The bonus is the boost to your metabolism for making it work harder!


Send them to me, I LOVE hearing from you!

Passion, Daydreams and Career


What did you want to be when you were a kid? I always dreamed of singing & dancing. I love those things! I am also quite passionate about helping others realized their goals, potential and being healthy ♥ What about you?

Passion in life is what drives us! Not the job, not the paycheck (unless money is your passion) and not the obligation. If you don’t feel passionate about what you are doing where does your drive come from? I have worked many years in a few other fields but never felt good about it. You know what I mean? It wasn’t what spoke to my heart or soul and it wasn’t the thing that got me out of bed in the morning. Customer service was something I did for over a decade, and though I liked helping people I didn’t feel like it was the right kind of help. I wanted purpose, meaning & a sense of adventure! That’s why I changed careers. I thought nursing was my calling, but for now it’s a path I haven’t traveled. I loved computer science but feared it would be a career I would be chained to a desk in an IT department somewhere. I love the freedom of a flexible schedule. It’s become very important to me since the birth of our children.

So what drives you? What fuels the fire that really gets you charged up and feeling like you can take on the world? If the job you have isn’t fulfilling that passion what would you rather be doing? Think about your daydreams, your happy place and where you feel like it isn’t work because it’s enjoyable. That’s your place. I’m dedicating myself to finding more purpose in life by getting smarter. I’m digging deep, researching, learning and growing so I can be a better mom, wife & person. I’m plugging into incredible people on the path that I want to travel on and mentoring with them so I can learn how to get there too. I want to live my daydream not just let it slip away upon waking. And I want to help others do the exact same thing.

What is your daydream? And what are you willing to do to get it?

Before you BUY – Ask yourself WHY

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 9.37.55 PM

Before you invest your hard earned money into trainers, supplements and meal replacements ask yourself a few questions:

What are my goals?
Why are they important to me?
Are these products healthy?
What happens after I drop all that money?

Here’s my answers:

GOALS & IMPORTANCE: My goal as a fit pro & health, wellness, nutrition and fitness coach is to work with people on a whole person level. I don’t want to get you skinny, I want to get you healthy & into the best shape of your life AND keep you there. I want to find what works best for you, what you will stick with and will get you the best results. It’s a journey that we walk together. I offer ongoing coaching, accountability and support. Monthly focus groups, challenges and an ongoing community of support – all private and all included – no monthly fees for that! I offer meal plans, recipes, additional motivation for those days when the I can’t’s are getting in the way & turn it into I WILL! I help you find your WHY and guide you to answer the WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO ME? If all you want is to get skinny you won’t get healthy, and chances are you won’t be able to maintain it. That is were many other diet programs fail. This isn’t a diet program, it’s a healthy way of life training program.

They are not just a protein shake they are filled with whole foods that are minimally processed. There are NO GMO’s, no added refined sugars (or any refined sugars AT ALL), all natural sources of amino acids, proteins, antioxidants, prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes + MORE. No artificial sweeteners – so you won’t be ingesting toxins like sucralose & aspartame. No carrageenan!! No gluten, no soy, no artificial flavors, no artificial colors. And all the extra supplements are not necessary to buy because it’s all included. 5 trips to the salad bar, proper balance of protein & carbs, all the beneficial nutrients in one tasty meal? Yes please! It’s the perfect food because it has all 9 essential & nonessential amino acids for cells that are important for muscle building, repair and most diets are deficient in one ore more of these! (So are most products). Most products are LOADED with sugar, toxins, heavily processed and the labels are long with tons of chemicals you can’t even pronounce. No thank you! Plus, not only do they have negative health effects, some of them can cause you to gain weight, zap your energy and worse – make you sick!

MONEY: My programs are highly tested, proven and successful. You get what you pay for and more. When you go to the gym you pay a monthly fee but all you get is a building full of equipment with no instructions. Some have classes but when the class ends so does your interaction. You can pay hundreds of dollars for personal training but you only see them a few times & then what? You have something in writing and no more interaction, well unless you pay hundreds more. You get the picture right? Or you order supplements, go to the local retail chain and drop $300 on products and leave. What else do you get? Do they give you a fitness program, meal plans, ongoing coaching or support? Nope. They leave your bank account lighter though! I offer you ongoing training, customizable workouts, ongoing coaching, training and your workouts are yours to keep forever. I can bring a top celebrity trainer into your living room at any time of the day, just push play! It will save you LOTS of TIME, MONEY and give you results. Plus you can invite a friend over to join you for FREE. And in the off chance you don’t like it we can switch it out or refund your money – who else really does that? I understand that there could be times that it doesn’t work out & I will work together with you to get to a resolution that takes care of your needs.

WHY JOIN ME: You can lose weight if that is your goal. You can gain weight if that is your goal. You can build muscle, flexibility, strength, endurance – whatever your goals are! You can gain healthy nutrition, a network of like-minded friends to support you, ongoing support, better fitness habits plus get lots of new recipes, ideas and more. Plus you have the opportunity to help others too. This is why I love my career. It’s a passion, not a job. I am always here for you. And I am always happy to help! Plus I can relate to YOU! I have been there, I have lost 85 pounds. I have kept it OFF for over 5 years. I have battled depression, food allergies, health problems, eating disorders and overcame them all. I can really connect with you to help you unlike other trainers who have never had a weight problem or anything else.

I have another opportunity to get dialed in with a focus group starting in a few weeks. Let’s connect & get ready to go! Send me a message, add me on Facebook: & and let’s get to talking! 😀 Friends, please invite others you know would love to be on our team! Tag them, send them a message & please share my page with them! Let’s rock 2015 together for the best health, fitness & nutrition of our lives to date!!

Good Morning! Green Smoothie and a little about me :)

Good Morning Green Smoothie

Good Morning!! This is how I am starting my day while listening to an incredible call by someone I really admire. This is one of the recipes I will be sharing in my challenge group starting on January 5th. Plus my protein pancake recipes too!

Over the holidays I swear I ate my weight in sugar, even though I didn’t. Now I’m getting back on track and aim to lose that 5 pounds I gained so I can really kickstart my New Years fitness goals! I have learned how to do this in a healthy and positive way. I am finally in the best shape of my life at 38 & I want to be in even better shape before I turn 39 and (gasp) 40!

I spent so many years doing things wrong, not getting results and even worse hurting my mind, body & soul. I had no clue what to eat, when to eat, or the right & wrong way to exercise. I was skipping meals, overeating, getting sick and loading up on what I thought was health food only to feel empty, lethargic and still hungry for more. I was logging several hours a day at the gym and still felt like a mess. I didn’t grow up with a healthy body image, in fact it was the opposite. I was left home alone for several hours a day after school with a pantry stocked up with chips, cookies and soda. I spent many years trying to fit in with the skinny girls by starving myself on one meal a day under 1000 calories sometimes under 500. In a nutshell I’ve overexercised, underate and still didn’t get the results I craved!

I know how much it hurts to look in the mirror and not like what I saw. This isn’t the way! It’s more than getting your nutrition on track it also includes building you up and getting you on track so you stay there. You can lose the weight alone and still be unhappy, and like me, gain it all back plus some. Or you can plug into a group of people who GET IT & GET YOU! Since I have found my accountability group I have been the healthiest I have ever been in my life. That feels good to say! Maybe I’m not at my goal weight or size yet but that’s ok because I am working towards it with a healthy mindset & clear goals. I don’t practice negative self talk or shame myself anymore. Now I have people to turn to for advice when I need it and keep moving forward! That’s where having an accountability coach saved me from myself. That’s why I started my own business so I can help others take control of their nutrition, gain back their health, energy & vitality plus save the wasted money on gym memberships, diet gimmicks and fads. This is real results no matter where you are at in your journey. Let’s connect! This is my passion in life to help others gain their health & wellness regardless if it is losing weight, gaining, maintaining or switching to a clean eating lifestyle ♥ If you are like me & want to make 2015 the year your goals are realized, achieved and kept than please join me 🙂